Rock space launches new tempered glass screen protector with Accessory Glass by Corning®!


As a popular 3C accessory brand in China, rock space has launched many fashionable products including the custom traditional Chinese

style cell phone shells, and the custom “Game for Peace” series products. Recently, rock space has launched a new high-definition original 

tempered glass screen protector made with Accessory Glass by Corning®. This new screen protector is reputed to be the “king of the screen 

protectors” with outstanding overall protection performance. Rock space’s use of Accessory Glass by Corning®  reflects the latter’s aim to 

advance its parts business and gain regional market share. 


Tempered glass is a kind of protective material that features excellent transparency and overall protection. So the quality of the material is

 crucial to the performance of a tempered glass screen protector. According to the disclosed data, the new screen protector launched by rock

 space adopts 0.33 mm thickness of Accessory Glass by Corning® raw glass plate rather than the thinner glass subject to secondary

 processing on the market. Compared to existing tempered glass screen protection glasses, the scratch resistance of this new

 screen protector increases by 2 times, the visibility of scratch reduces by 25%, and its resistance to fall damage increases by 25%. 

It features significant performance in resistance to scratch and impact.




In addition to the use of Accessory Glass by Corning® raw glass material, the manufacturing process is also an important factor that affects the 

quality of the tempered glass screen protector. This new screen protector from rock space adopts a number of advanced processes including

 high precision CNC cutting, PVD plating, and antistatic polymer AB adhesive to achieve outstanding performance. The Accessory Glass by

 Corning® raw glass plate brings excellent texture, fitness, and transparency allowing the users to operate the screen as smoothly as before the

 screen protector is applied. With a transmittance of over 92%, the screen protector boasts a high resolution and clear color that help avoid 

dispersion and aberration.


The precise tapping and cutting technologies ensure 1:1 covering of the screen, which retains the design style of the cell phone and avoids

 visual separation. In terms of appearance, this new screen protector adopts a design of a dust screen. This design not only prevents dust from

 entering the receiver but also maintains the output quality of sound.  

As the screen of electronic products gets increasingly complex, it has become a challenge to properly paste the screen protector, and also 

leads to a high rate of failure. The standard screen protector tool provided with the screen protector solves this problem perfectly, and even 

a user with no previous experience may complete the task easily. For the iPhone14 series that has been long expected by Apple fans, rock 

space also provides screen protectors under this new product, and has prepared the most premium package for them.   


As a big surprise for the consumer market, this new tempered glass screen protector launched by rock space is sure to become a hot product

on the market.

  * iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.